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Enrichment Workshop April 16th 2019

Children’s Author and Experienced Teacher, Sarah Griffiths brings the uplifting rhyming adventure of Sophie’s Spectacles to life.
In this story, Sophie just can't seem to see the good in herself. With the help of a teacher and some magic spectacles, Sophie gains true insight to her inner-self. Sophie sees the amazing connection we have to one another and that we all have gifts that makes us shine!
Sarah introduces children to the 6 areas that are key to building Self-Esteem in their lives: Relationships, School life, Personal Development and Connection with Others, Prosperity, Fun, Play and Pursuing Passions.
Sarah talks about the importance of gratitude in our daily lives. Children learn how being thankful each day can attract more happiness into their lives.
Sarah introduces children to affirmations and how the power of I AM statements can support us on a daily basis.
Finally, Sarah takes children on a journey of meditation and how daily practice can transform their way of thinking to focus on happiness now and for their future.
Suitable for age 7-11 years
£9 per child
One session = 1 ½ hours.
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